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Men’s Special - A T-Shirt For Every Occasion

Men’s Special - A T-Shirt For Every Occasion

Fashion and men don’t exactly go together as nicely as women and fashion. Right? Wrong! Gone are the days when men’s wardrobes consisted of the same old styles of shirts and tees in the dullest hues across the colour spectrum. While it may be true that women still have a lot more to choose from, simply in terms of the different clothing styles (not to mention cuts and colours), but there’s a lot going for men too. 

Take the good old t-shirt. What comes to mind when you think of a tee? Round neck or collar, at best? But that’s just the first point of distinction. T-shirt styles have undergone a massive upheaval in the last decade, and there’s a perfect and distinct tee for every mood or occasion.  

So in a bid to help out our male patrons, Team Campus Sutra has picked out our hottest selling t-shirt styles to suit every mood and occasion.

1. The classic runners tee

Grey round neck active wear graphic  t-shirt.


Running as a fitness activity is quite different from all other forms of exercise because of the way air hits the body. One’s performance on the jogging track can be optimised by wearing clothes that are aerodynamic. Hence, the need for a special t-shirt for running. 


This round-neck full-sleeve t-shirt has an aerodynamic design and a light fabric which aids in faster absorption of sweat. Plus the lightweight fabric ensures there’s no drag as you push yourself everyday to beat your best time. 


And style is important too, right? This t-shirt has a very contemporary geometric design and an earthy shade of greyish-blue which exudes power and confidence.


2. The gym tee

Blue round neck full sleeves graphic t-shirt.


Active-wear plays an important role in the life of young men. As you sweat it out in the gym to achieve your fitness targets day after day, you need clothes that absorb sweat and keep you feeling cool. Keeping this need in mind, Campus Sutra has a wide range of gym- and sports-wear t-shirts that are lightweight and dry quickly. 


And we get that the gym is not just for exercise - it’s also a place where you meet new people and want to make a great impression. That’s why our gym wear always scores high on the trend-o-metre. Combining latest designs with classic shades, the active-wear t-shirts from Campus Sutra are a must-have for all fitness fanatics out there.

3. The holiday tee

Blue spray dyed white round neck button down T-shirt.


Nothing screams ‘vacation’ louder than this hot-selling round-neck t-shirt in sky blue and white. Reminiscent of the wide open sea on a clear, sunny day, this t-shirt is for the free-spirited men who like to take it easy on vacation and enjoy every moment. 


Blue and white is a classic combination that never fails. Pair it with blue jeans for a rugged look, and white jeans to really take your look to the next level. It can also be worn with denim shorts for a completely laidback look.

4. The date-night tee

Semi-casual button down teal blue cotton t-shirt


So you’ve already had a first date, and you had dressed in your formal best to make a great first impression. The shirt, trousers and leather shoes looked sexy, and the girl was floored. Job done, but it was not the most comfortable outing for you. Now that the ice is broken and you are at ease with your girl, it’s time to take out the comfortable clothing so you can really be yourself. But that does not mean that you completely abandon all efforts to look sharp! 


This slick solid t-shirt has short collars and a deep blue shade, making it appropriate for a serious date without being too formal or boring, so that you can be comfortable while putting your best foot forward. Wear it to your favourite restaurant or for movie night, and we’re sure your companion will have only nice things to say about your dress sense!

5. The casual Friday work tee

Semi-formal button down white striped orange cotton t-shirt.


Let’s face it, we all hate wearing shirts to work in this weather. Luckily offices have warmed up to more casual dressing. T-shirts with collars are the best compromise between formal and casual dressing. Collar t-shirts are usually associated with serious sports like golf and tennis, but their appeal has been on the upswing. It’s a classic design that can be made to fit any occasion.


This yellow number is a great pick for work. The collars lend it a sober look while the yellow gives it a touch of irreverence and much-needed brightness for a dreary day at work. Don’t miss the zip closure that is a refreshing change from the usual buttons. 


6. The hang-out tee

Blue color-block round neck full sleeves t-shirt for men.


Not every day is supposed to have an agenda. We don’t need to plan and regiment every aspect of life. Some days we just like to exist, and relax. For days that are as easy-going as you, this round neck full-sleeve cotton t-shirt is a perfect pick. Pair it with shorts to lounge at home, or jeans if you’re headed out for a meal or an errand. Whatever it is that you plan to do, this super comfortable cotton t-shirt will keep you looking and feeling cool.


Whatever your mood, Campus Sutra has you covered with its insanely large collection of t-shirts. Check out the full range at




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