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An Ode To The White T-Shirt

An Ode To The White T-Shirt

Fashion is fleeting. Trends come and go, and every season we see and hear about the latest styles ruling the runways which stay in the limelight for a season or two, burning bright but eventually flickering away into oblivion, until they are rediscovered by the reigning powers of the world of fashion and resurrected once more. Such is the cycle of fashion and trends, and our wardrobes also follow a similar flux or pattern. 

But some styles escape this cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Such pieces are eternal, timeless. They don’t go out of fashion, and you cannot do without them. They are not the result of a brief fling with the latest styles, but rather of necessity, for their absence can leave a gaping hole not just in one’s wardrobe but also in one’s life.    

Too poetic? It’s the simplest things in life that inspire the maximum creativity. One such simple, timeless and necessary object in every man’s life is the humble white t-shirt.

That is right. No man’s wardrobe is complete without the white t-shirt. The white t-shirt is possibly one of the most versatile pieces that men can use. Pair it with jeans of literally any colour for a casual outing, or for college. Pair it with shorts if you’re vacationing or at the beach. Pair it with chinos or trousers in shades of grey, brown and beige for a more sophisticated appearance. Add a jacket over it, along with aviators, for the classic Hollywood hero look (we’re thinking no less than Tom Cruise). Or put a casual shirt over the plain white t-shirt to add layers and style.   

The classic white tee has numerous uses and avatars, and the creatively inclined can find many fun combinations and styles of the white tee. Moreover, white is the quintessential summer colour. Cool and classy, it’s the perfect colour to sport on scorching summer days.

With these thoughts in mind, we have picked out our favourite white tees from our huge range of men’s t-shirts. Scroll down and take your pick!


1. The Classic Round-Neck White Cotton T-Shirt

The simplest of things are sometimes the ultimate style statements. If you’re looking to stock on white t-shirts, this is the obvious and essential starting point. A classic round-neck tee in soft and comfortable cotton fabric is a definite necessity for every guy out there. 


2. One For the Sports Enthusiast

If you’re into sports, and we mean not just watching but also playing, then you must check out this athleisure white tee featuring full sleeves, short collars and a geometric print in blue that will keep you feeling cool both on and off the field. 


3. The One with Colour Block

Add some colour to your regular jeans and white t-shirt look with this stylish colour block t-shirt. It has a contemporary design and is made of soft cotton that is great for the skin, especially in hot and humid weather. 


4. The One with Stripes

Go for this t-shirt with horizontal stripes on top for a totally chilled out vibe. Pair it with chinos, a hat and loafers for the perfect holiday look. 


5. The White T-Shirt with Shoulder Stripes

Another classic design that is very hot right now, this white t-shirt is cool, comfy and a must-have. Wear this on an active day around town or on a sporty weekend. 


6. The One with Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes are not just for sailing. It’s a style that has been getting popular lately because of the flattering silhouette and the laid-back vibes it gives off. This look is great for campus or casual Fridays, and also to go clubbing with friends.


So the next time someone says white is boring, have them take a look at the fun and stylish white tees from Campus Sutra that cater to every taste, budget and occasion. And don’t forget to grab all these tees asap before they run out!


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